DeFi on Ethereum Explained - Decentralized Finance (Ultimate Beginners' Guide)

This is a beginner's guide about DeFi, or decentralized finance, products and services being build on the Ethereum ecosystem.=== VIDEO SUMMARY ===DeFi is the trendy shortened version of the term “decentralized finance.”Currently, the entire traditional finance industry is “centralized.”So, although DeFi stands for the term “decentralized finance,” the word DeFi is used colloquially to describe the movement or crusade towards a low-cost, fast, efficient, trustworthy, and completely transparent global financial ecosystem that operates without any central authority and is highly accessible to everyone around the world with just a smart phone or internet connection.The new financial era will operate on the very place from which numbers, mathematics, physics, and computer science were derived: the ever-enduring fabric of the universe.=== LINKS TO ACCESS SITES SAFELY ===♥ Signup - - Type in Referral Code: n95yujaabe and we both get $50 🙂 ♦ Coinbase - Receive $10 of FREE BITCOIN when you use this link to sign up for Coinbase and invest $100:♦ Kraken Exchange Link:♦ KuCoin Exchange Link -♦ Binance Signup Link:♦ Bittrex Signup Link:♦ Coinmama Signup Link -♦ Recommended Hardware Wallet:Ledger Nano X Backup Pack Link -♦ BC Vault Crypto Hardware Wallet Link - SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS ===● Facebook Page -● Twitter:● Instagram:● Telegram:● Business Contact -● Website - DONATIONS ===♥ BTC - 12XfdCJqEuRRzMrcD1YaE5kHeSShdkcW3G♥ ETH - 0xf94c719621E358890Dd33dD010a1fb4717EbdaE4 --- Support this podcast:

by Cryptocurrency for Beginners: with Crypto Casey