Varying Degrees: Climate Change in the American Mind

A decade ago, a nationwide survey showed that only around twelve percent of Americans were seriously concerned about climate change. Today, public perceptions have changed.  “The alarmed are between a quarter and 30% of the public,” says Edward Maibach. “That makes them the largest single segment of Americans…as their name implies, they’re alarmed about climate change.” How does understanding the perceptions of a broadly concerned public enable our leaders to create lasting change? How do climate concerns break down across political, economic, and regional divides? A conversation with Anthony Leiserowitz and Edward Maibach, recipients of the tenth annual Stephen H. Schneider Award for Outstanding Climate Science Communication. At a time when understanding climate perceptions has never been more important, Dr. Leiserowitz and Dr. Maibach have exemplified the ability to be both scientists and powerful communicators through their work on the public’s understanding of climate change, including the seminal Global Warming’s Six Americas project. Guests: Anthony Leiserowitz, Director and Senior Research Scientist, Yale Program on Climate Change Communication Edward Maibach, Director, George Mason University Center for Climate Change Communication Host: Greg Dalton Related Links: Global Warming’s Six Americas Yale Climate Connections Podcast Climate Matters – Jim Gandy Climate Matters in the Newsroom White House Fact Sheet: President Biden’s Executive Actions on Climate Change Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

by Climate One