The Political Reality of Climate Action

True to his campaign promise, President Biden dove right into the climate crisis on Day One, signing a stack of executive orders that signaled his determination. But how effective are they?  “Executive orders, I think, are often very splashy when they're introduced, and they get a lot of attention,” notes Axios reporter Ben Gemen. “I think the better way to look at an executive order is sort of firing a starting gun for an extraordinarily long race.” But while he faces certain blowback from Republicans in Congress, there are signs that when it comes to conservative thought, the wind may be changing. What can the Biden Administration accomplish using existing authority? How much will conservatives and businesses step in and step up on climate? Guests: Rep. Kathy Castor (D-FL), Chair of House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis Rich Powell, Executive Director, ClearPath Ben Geman, Energy Reporter, Axios Related Links: House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis ClearPath The Energy Act of 2020 is a step in the right direction (EESI) Biden administration sharpens focus on climate risks to financial system (Axios) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

by Climate One