Storytelling Through the Climate Crisis

How do we confront the reality of a future that will be hauntingly different from today? Some authors are using fiction to create relatable narratives while sparing us from a deluge of sobering facts that can make audiences feel detached. The dystopian worlds in the films Mad Max and The Hunger Games do the same to both entertain and distance viewers from the realities of an increasingly destabilized climate. Can fiction give access to hopes and fears that we can’t handle in our daily lives? How are authors like Jenny Offill and Roy Scranton using stories that let readers experience climate change, while also keeping it at arms’ length? Visit for more information on today's episode. Guests: Jenny Offill, Author, Weather Roy Scranton, Author, Learning to Die in the Anthropocene This program was recorded via live stream on April 10, 2020. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

by Climate One