Shadows to Spotlight: Climate in the Media

Murder, love, and the human experience are the stuff of great stories, as podcasts like Serial and RadioLab have shown us. But climate change? Not so much. The story is overwhelming and the ending is predictable and depressing, say radio producers. But coverage in national newspapers has increased since President Trump took office. It’s also expanded from science and environmental beats to culture, health and finance. And as the conversation shifts further toward companies’ role confronting climate impacts, the story of business and climate is gaining prominence and ramping up pressure on corporations. Visit for more information on today's episode. Guests: Aron Cramer, CEO, BSR Amy Harder, Reporter, Axios Ellen Horne, Radio/podcast producer; former Executive Producer, Radiolab Patrick Temple-West, Reporter, The Financial Times Portions of this program were recorded at the BSR 2019 Conference in San Jose, California. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

by Climate One