Fracked State (11/05/13)

“We have been fracking in California for 60 years and we have done it safely,” according to Paul Deiro, an energy lobbyist with KP Public Affairs. “We believe in transparency, disclosure, notification.” The state is on the verge of a huge energy boom, poised to hydraulic fracture, or frack, across much of the coast and Central Valley. Signature of a new fracking regulation bill, SB4, has upset advocates and opponents alike. “Investing in getting more fossil fuels out of the ground is just bass-ackward right now,” said Annie Notthoff, California Advocacy Director with NRDC. But fracking is already occurring, and the purpose of the bill was to create oversight and transparency, argued State Senator Fran Pavley. “What I’m trying to do is put a public face on this,” Pavley said. This conversation reveals diverse opinions on the state’s evolving fracking debate. “This is not your father’s fracking,” Notthoff said. “This is a new day.” Fran Pavley, Senator, California State Senate Annie Notthoff, California Advocacy Director, NRDC Paul Deiro, Energy Lobbyist, Western States Petroleum Association Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

by Climate One