Fire and Water: A Year of Climate Conversations

From fires and floods to hurricanes and hot temperatures, 2018 put climate on the front page in ways it hadn’t been before. Yet amidst the disruption, clean energy prices continued to fall, climate-conscious technologies continued to progress, and people living on the front lines of climate change found ways to adapt and thrive. Join us for a look back on some of our most memorable conversations of 2018. Guests (in order of appearance): Lizzie Johnson Scott Stephens Francis Suarez Steve Benjamin Sylvester Turner Solomon Hsiang Katherine Mach Arlie Hochschild Eliza Griswold Debbie Dooley Christine Pelosi Christiana Figueres Roy Scranton Davida Herzl Gabriel Kra Lydia Dervisheva Mike Selden Patrick Brown Sanjay Dastoor Megan Rose Dickey Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

by Climate One