Donor Power: The Influence of Climate Philanthropy

Fighting climate change isn’t cheap. Where’s the money coming from? Major philanthropic organizations like Hewlett and Bloomberg are at the forefront of addressing climate change, but could smaller funders be more in touch with grassroots needs? Are big donors out of touch – or just stretched too far? Where is the money coming from, where is it going, what are the biggest wins and what missteps are being made along the way? Greg Dalton is joined by donors big and small for a discussion on harnessing the power of the purse in the fight against climate change. Guests: Tate Williams, Science and Environment Editor, Inside Philanthropy Larry Kramer, President, William and Flora Hewlett Foundation Farhad Ebrahimi, Founder, Chorus Foundation Sarah Shanley Hope, Executive Director, The Solutions Project Dan Chu, Executive Director, Sierra Club Foundation Joe Speicher, Executive Director, Autodesk Foundation Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

by Climate One