Curtailing Suburban Sprawl in California

Curtailing Suburban Sprawl in California Ted Droettboom, Joint Policy Director, Association of Bay Area Governments Laura Hall, Principal, Hall Alminana, Inc. Paul Campos, Vice President and General Counsel, Northern California Home Builders Association As California’s population has grown, so too has the state’s thirst for expansion and elbow-room. As a result, Californians are spending more time in their cars than ever before. Longer commutes equate to higher greenhouse gas emissions, with roughly 40 percent of the state’s current overall emissions resulting from the transportation sector. Panelists will discuss recent state legislation that was passed to curtail suburban sprawl, as well as the impact legislation will have on individual citizens and the state. This program was recorded in front of a live audience at The Commonwealth Club in San Francisco on July 7, 2009 Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

by Climate One