Biden’s Climate Opportunity (Part 2)

Incoming President Biden faces an unimaginable set of challenges, including the COVID-19 pandemic, a gutted economy and a nation reeling from the recent capital attack. With all of that and more on his plate, what of Biden’s plans to fight climate change? “This President-elect has shown that he is absolutely committed to addressing the issue of climate,” says former EPA Administrator Christine Todd Whitman. “Because it affects everything.” Advancing a bipartisan climate agenda will be a hard sell. But in his nearly four decades in the Senate, Biden has made friends and earned respect from his Republican peers. “That isn’t gonna fix everything, of course not,” admits former Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel. But if you start with that...there are enough Republicans in the Senate who will respond to that.” Visit for more information on today's episode. Guests: Christine Todd Whitman, former Governor of New Jersey, former EPA Administrator Chuck Hagel, former U.S. Secretary of Defense; former Republican Senator from Nebraska John Podesta, Founder, Center for American Progress; former Hillary Clinton Campaign Chairman Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

by Climate One