Pocket Chicken Chew with HI-CHEW

Some wonderful, magical people from HI-CHEW are our guests! We are joined by Kayleigh Westerfield, HI-CHEW Brand Marketing Manager, and Jennifer Moling, HI-CHEW Product Marketing Manager. Topics: Hello. Samin Nosrat. Be our intern. Sitcom resurrection. Save $60. What’s on the list? Elbow macaroni. December 1. As a mom. Lin-Manuel Miranda is great in everything. Loosies. Dentists. Ina. Fancy people’s cereal. Boulder, Colorado. Artistic sweaters. I didn’t know until after we were married. Handwritten notes. Help me. Out of meat. The Cajuns of Colorado. Terre Haute. Essays. Memories. HI-CHEW!Follow HI-CHEW on Instagram and Twitter.Follow CarbfacePod on Instagram and Twitter.Read Laurie’s essay about Bourdain on CNN.com.Read It’s Decorative Gourd Season, Motherfuckers by Colin Nissan on McSweeney’s.

by Carbface