No Further Questions with The Lee Bros

The fantastic Matt and Ted Lee are here to talk about their new book, Hotbox.Topics: Ball of goo. Bucket of kimchi. Alison Roman. These are things that happened. They’re real big. No further questions. Chef cruise. @Crust Magazine @anannadroid @hooleil @john_birdsall @korshawilson. Summer camp storytelling challenge. Laurie’s mom. Fiddlehead ferns. @restofesto @ruckerfoad (JT). The Summit Y. Roasted vegetables. Matt and Ted Lee. I will find you.Assignment: Call in your worst summer camp experiences to the Carbface Voicemail Hotline (+1.646.397.3357) or email them to The Lee Bros. on Twitter and Instagram.Buy their new book, Hotbox.Follow CarbfacePod on Instagram and Twitter.Our PO Box:CarbfacePO Box 595New York NY 10185

by Carbface