Full Dinty with Dennis Lee, Fart Sandwich

Dennis Lee (a.k.a., Fart Sandwich; a.k.a., Dickhole Dannis) is our beautiful guest!Topics: It came back. Therapy podcasts. Jade eggs. Feeling fresh. Before care. Beards. Grain bowls. Gifts. Six inches. Dinty. Plushies. Carbface apparel. Cake Ones. Cosplay. Real sex. Top five gifs. Bonito flakes. Ponies. Teeth. HalalSnackbox.com. Dirty John. Dennis Lee. Fart Sandwich. Dickhole Dannis. Toaster oven pop tarts.Follow Dennis on Instagram and Twitter.Follow CarbfacePod on Instagram and Twitter.Our PO Box:CarbfacePO Box 595New York NY 10185

by Carbface