Coupons Will Kill You

It’s Laurie and Chris, with a little Cliss.Topics: JT made HI-CHEW beer and sent chocolate and fig preserves! Chris’ nightstand. Mai sent us paper food! The fish market. Going to the hospital. Dogs and bikes. Mrs. Clark, Chris’ first grade teacher. Hives. Do not blink. A socka fulla blood. A coupon. Saba Jam! A high amount of soft. Do you ever find yourself mad? Summer vegetables. Rold Gold is not Red Gold. The tomato fields of Indiana. A mailed potato. David has a pet named Walter. From behind. Keep your dog on a leash. Hank is puppo of the week. Retail Nightmares is the best podcast. Friendship. Personal Pan Rice Krispie Treats. Doughboys can’t be bought. No penetration of the Cracklin’ Oat Bran. Farley Elliott.Follow CarbfacePod on Instagram and Twitter.Our PO Box:CarbfacePO Box 595New York NY 10185

by Carbface