Catheter Pants with Maggie Hoffman

Maggie Hoffman, the original “Hello, Listener” is here with her new book, BATCH COCKTAILS!Topics: Sugar. Lunch but it’s breakfast. Train eating. Totes. Retail Nightmares with Alicia and Jessica. Remix. Pants on the inside. She’s got a deep voice, too. Connie Britton is a treasure. Esoteric HI-CHEW. Burger Rings. Weed City. Sloughed off flesh. Truffles in your underpants. A very brief statement on Peep’s. My favorite book of the Bible. It’s Hello, Listener! Julia Bainbridge’s podcast, The Lonely Hour.Follow Maggie Hoffman on Instagram and Twitter.Buy her book, BATCH COCKTAILS!Follow CarbfacePod on Instagram and Twitter.Our PO Box:CarbfacePO Box 595New York NY 10185

by Carbface