Ambient Fat with Doug Quint of Big Gay Ice Cream

Doug Quint of Big Gay Ice Cream joins us, and we've never been happier.Topics: AJ, Space Boy. Retail Nightmares. Finnish discounts. Cheese. Saxophones. Ham Salad. Generous with the Chicken. A lot of appetizers. Andrew Zimmern. Meat, meat, meat. Illinois. Velcro mittens. Phone throwing. Bryan Petroff. Big Gay Ice Cream Cookbook. Pints. Crying in the ice cream aisle. Tuna sandwiches. Astronauts. Lactaid. Kat Kinsman. Petting unicorns. Pie crust integrity. Thin coating of fat. Propofol. My time. Burritos. Michael Solomonov. Lamb fat. Regan Stephens. Traci Lords. Edie and The Eggs. David Harbour. Tape worms. Monkey. Laurie tries Hi-Chews for the first time. If you hear me sneeze.Follow Big Gay Ice Cream on Instagram and Twitter. Follow CarbfacePod on Instagram and TwitterSubscribe to the Retail Nightmares podcast. Didgeridoo: You can hear AJ, Space Boy on Episode 153 of Retail Nightmares (listen to the whole episode, but AJ comes in around the 51-minute mark).

by Carbface