Business Leaders in conversation

Big issues call for big ideas. We ask business leaders from a variety of industries how they are shaping their companies to meet the challenges of the future. From AI to Big Data, from shifting workforces to achieving growth, this series delves into how these leaders are planning to meet these challenges head on with bold ambitions and fresh thinking.

21:12:39 1970-01-01
The sky’s the limit for the future of transport according to Dr Manfred Rudhart, CEO of Arriva. We don’t mean flying taxis, but an optimised, seamless public transport system. Say goodbye to painful commutes.
21:15:58 2019-04-02
How do you recognise truly radical changes in how we work? From AI to changing customer needs, the financial services industry has seen more than most. But for Liz Nolan, State Street EMEA CEO, the real shift will be based around people.
21:16:11 2019-04-26
Lawyers are trained to follow precedent - so how do law firms equip themselves for a changing future? For Mark Rigotti, CEO of Herbert Smith Freehills, it’s a case of the right mindset, and embedding innovation into the core of their culture.
21:15:03 2019-07-02
Building a leading business takes more than the ability to spot opportunities. Turning opportunities into action also requires the right strategy, tools and, most importantly of all, people. Tim Steiner, Ocado CEO, shares how to keep an entrepreneurial ou...