Earnings and economic data key drivers for the week: BT Market Focus Ep 5

Synopsis: Market Focus is a weekly podcast by The Business Times that looks at the market drivers and movements in Singapore, the region and the globe. Hosted by podcast editor Claressa Monteiro, it features analysis from SGX and insights from The Business Times newsdesk.  How have earnings and economic data driven markets this week? Highlights of the podcast: 02:40  SGX Securities’ report 06:40 Slowing economy, weak macroeconomic data 09:23 Notable news (IMF, STB and GIC) 11:41 Earnings heavy week Produced by: Claressa Monteiro (claremb@sph.com.sg), Yong Jun Yuan & Lionel Lin (SGX) Edited by: Howie Lim — Follow BT Market Focus: Channel: bt.sg/btmktfocus Apple: bt.sg/mfap Google:  bt.sg/mfgo Spotify: bt.sg/mfsp Discover more BT podcast series: BT Mark To Market at: http://bt.sg/btmark2mkt  WealthBT at: http://bt.sg/btwealthbt  BT Money Hacks at: https://bt.sg/btmoneyhacks PropertyBT at: https://bt.sg/btpropertybt BT Podcasts at: http://bt.sg/pcOM This podcast is meant to provide general information only. SPH Media accepts no liability for loss arising from any reliance on the podcast or use of third party’s products and services. Please consult professional advisors for independent advice.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.