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2 mates who run a group of over 6,000 beer lovers bringing you the latest and greatest Bloody Brilliant Beers! We love exploring stories of Brewers and Breweries through our "Crushin' Tins episodes, but we also love to talk complete and utter rubbish once a week in our instalment of "On the Piss". Either way, there really is something here for everyone, so sit back, crack a beer, and tune in.

01:07:06 2022-08-04
The boys are back from the Caxton Hotel.  Tune in for our brand new segment, Not Nice Advice, plus all of the usual dribble. See for privacy information.
00:25:47 2022-08-02
Clutz is up and about, D'Arc is down in the dumps.. But you can't win em all and this won't stop us from bringing you the weekly Sport Podcast.  Tune in as we break down the week that was, make up excuses for our failed multis and give our predictions fo...
01:16:52 2022-07-28
Someone bumped into D'Arc at Origin and asked if Seb could come back, so here he is.  The boys are back at the mighty Caxton covering off all of this week's important topics, and sharing our favourite stories from Splendour in the Grass. See omnystudio....
00:28:23 2022-07-26
The boys are back for another installment of the Wednesday Sports Show, with special guest Seb! Tune in as we tackle all of the big issues in the NRL from the week that was! See for privacy information....
01:02:23 2022-07-21
The boys are back at the mighty Caxton Hotel! Tune in for the usual dribble as we do a deep dive into Clutzys diet.See for privacy information.
00:34:57 2022-07-19
Lots to unpack this week after a historic Origin Win from QLD. The boys are back from the Caxton, if these walls could talk....See for privacy information.
01:10:47 2022-07-14
The boys are back for another week at the Mighty Caxton Hotel. Pretty serious topic to kick things off this week. It's something that we think is important to bring up. Please check on your mates whenever you can.See for privacy in...
00:31:32 2022-07-12
The boys have a lot to say about a certain someone buying a certain building in Caxton street, however we all know where the home of Rugby League will be - The Caxton Hotel!See for privacy information....
01:02:00 2022-07-07
The boys are back, live from the Caxton Hotel. Tune in to hear some great calls to the froth line, plus find out how you can get your hands on so fresh merch!See for privacy information....
00:23:34 2022-07-05
Sorry we missed the Sports Pod last week - we swear it had nothing to do with the result of Origin! We are back - better than ever, live from The Caxton HotelSee for privacy information....
01:11:47 2022-06-23
The boys are back at the Caxton Hotel for episode 101! Tune in this week to hear about a very special #powerofthepod for a very special boy.See for privacy information.
00:31:24 2022-06-21
The boys are back, powered by Ashtabula and the Caxton Hotel! Tune in to recap on round 15 of the NRL, including another winning Multi for D'Arc.See for privacy information....
01:21:41 2022-06-16
We actually made it, episode 100! Who would have thought. Thank you all for the constant support, and thank you to the Caxton Hotel! Here's to 100 more!See for privacy information....
00:30:21 2022-06-14
The boys are back from the Caxton Hotel, and D'Arc is absolutely heartbroken, even though his $40 multi got up...Tune in to find out why.See for privacy information.
01:14:30 2022-06-09
The boys are back at The Caxton Hotel, the week before the big episode 100....Tune in to hear about a classic case of mistaken identity.See for privacy information.
00:27:48 2022-06-07
Back from the Caxton to chat through all things NRL and State of Origin!See for privacy information.
01:18:49 2022-06-02
The boys are back at the Caxton.... Can you see them?See for privacy information.
00:33:21 2022-05-31
The boys are back at The Caxton Hotel, brought to you buy our brand new sponsor - Ashtabula.Tune in to hear our round recap, as well as our thoughts on the State of Origin Selections. Use our code BBB10 at Ashtabula for 10% off your first order.See omnyst...
01:19:24 2022-05-26
The boys are back, live from the mighty Caxton Hotel. Tune in to hear how a scat Clutz reacts to kids ruining his movie....See for privacy information.
00:24:22 2022-05-24
The earliest overreaction Wednesday call might have already come true.... Can Manly make the 8 from here?The boys are live from the Caxton covering off all things Rugby League for another week!See for privacy information....
01:21:24 2022-05-19
5 Podcasts in 5 Days, the boys have spent more time at the Caxton than anywhere else. Thank you all for the love and supportSee for privacy information.
00:55:01 2022-05-18
And on the third day...... The boys rose and sat down with the absolute legends NRL Roast and NRL Don. These blokes are creating some of the best content in Australia, and we were so pumped to sit down and spin some yarns.See for p...
00:26:29 2022-05-17
The boys are back, live from the Caxton Hotel, where they spend every waking moment. Tune is as we cover off all of the games from Magic Round 2022.See for privacy information....
00:32:16 2022-05-17
This is the big one, the one everyone has been waiting for. Worlds colliding at the mighty Caxton Hotel. Tune in for our yarn with the boys from the Hello Sports podcasts, one of the great collabs all time.See for privacy informati...
00:30:46 2022-05-16
It's Magic Round baby! The boys were absolutely blessed to have sat down with the Podfather, the Peoples Beak, Denan Kemp from Bloke In A Bar. Kempy has been a major supporter of us from the get go, so we are incredibly stoked to be able to sit down with ...
01:34:00 2022-05-12
We are back, live from the Caxton Hotel! What are your thoughts on the new set up? Still got a bit of tweaking to do but we are loving it. Tune in for all the usual dribble ahead of magic round!See for privacy information....
00:21:49 2022-05-10
New equipment, who dis?Stick with us while we figure out what we are doing with this new equipment! Live from the mighty Caxton hotel, covering off Round 9, and previewing Magic Round. We also drop in our Best Bets for the weekend!See
01:15:22 2022-05-05
Back from the mighty Caxton Hotel! Joined by our good mate Eden on the Pod this podcast!Tune in for the usual chin wags.See for privacy information.
00:30:07 2022-05-03
The boys are back at the mighty Caxton Hotel, with a friend! Join us in our new Sports/Punting show where we cover off all the NRL action.See for privacy information.
01:14:41 2022-04-28
This episode is a big deal for the boys, we managed to lock in 2 new sponsors both of which are absolutely huge! We are live, as always, from the mighty Caxton Hotel, the official home of BBB! Tune in to hear all about itSee for pr...
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