Episode 12: Bitcoin Core is not Bitcoin

News New version of Bitcoin Core (https://lists.linuxfoundation.org/pipermail/bitcoin-core-dev/2022-April/000111.html) has been released Proof of Stake has already centralized (https://www.suresats.com/post/ethereum-s-centralization-dilemma-through-lido-staking) Etherium 2.0 validation Bitcoin is not a store of value (https://www.suresats.com/post/bitcoin-is-not-a-store-of-value)...yet CAR adopts bitcoin (https://bitcoinmagazine.com/business/the-central-african-republic-adopts-bitcoin-as-legal-tender) but it's not super clear what that means Jeremey Rubin shakes the tree with a speedy trial soft fork (https://rubin.io/bitcoin/2022/04/17/next-steps-bip119/) proposal for OPCHECKTEMPLATE_VERIFY 7 Theses on a next step for BIP-119 ยท Jeremy Rubin (https://rubin.io/bitcoin/2022/04/17/next-steps-bip119/) BIP-119 bproposes adding covenants (https://utxos.org/) to bitcoin Bitmex has a great explanation (https://blog.bitmex.com/op_ctv-summer-softfork-shenanigans/) of the poposal Andreas made a video critical of the activation method (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yO5BwXFyCIQ) The creator, Jeremy Rubin, describes some potential use cases (https://podcast.chaincode.com/2020/01/30/jeremy-rubin-3.html) in detail on the ChainCode podcast Jeremy explains his thoughts on bitcoin development in a blog post (https://www.vice.com/en/article/epx3q7/fort-worth-texas-to-mine-bitcoin-in-city-hall-after-trade-group-donation) Forth worth to mine bitcoin (https://www.vice.com/en/article/epx3q7/fort-worth-texas-to-mine-bitcoin-in-city-hall-after-trade-group-donation) in the city hall after a donation Paper on the El Salvador bitcoin experiment (https://www.davidargente.com/_files/ugd/b05023_7825615207654784864b4c4cc4ec6550.pdf) from Stacker.news (https://stacker.news/items/23418) Add read This episode of the Bitcoin Dad Pod is brought to you by the Self-Hosted Show from Jupiter broadcasting. The self hosted show is a podcast about running your own digital infrastructure and having fun while doing it! Host your own media server, control your home iot devices with a rasberry pi, and get endless excuses to buy more electronic toys!The self hosted show will give you ideas, guidance and a fun community to experiment with running way too many computers at home! Check it out at selfhosted.show or search for self hosted show in your podcast app. Bitcoin Education Next Bitcoin Core PR Review Club is scheduled (https://bitcoincore.reviews/24584) Upstream data home mining with a sound dampening box guide (https://blog.upstreamdata.ca/coldcard-blackbox/) Feedback Remember to get in touch bitcoindadpod@protonmail.com or @bitcoindadpod on twitter Corrections None today! Outro Podcasting 2.0 to support an indepenent podcasting ecosystem (https://podcastindex.org/) The Fountain (https://www.fountain.fm/) podcast app Sponsors and Acknowledgements Music by Lesfm from Pixabay Self Hosted Show (https://selfhosted.show/) courtesy of Jupiter Broadcasting (https://www.jupiterbroadcasting.com/)