Bitching + Screaming

Bitching + Screaming is hosted by Mia, a 22-year-old makeup artist who's obsessed with astrology, true crime, the paranormal, and self-discovery.

21:16:46 2021-02-07
Mia discusses her thoughts on what happens to our souls before and after life as we know it.
21:29:34 2021-02-03
In this episode, Mia interviews Laura Gedeon, a freelance branding expert who specializes in photography, web design, and graphic design. They talk about how Laura got to this point in her career, as well as how she deals with anxiety as a freelancer. Fin...
22:08:58 2019-11-10
Mia and Adriana go through the list of zodiac signs and explain what they love and hate about each of them.
21:47:25 2019-11-03
Mia and Grace talk about what motivates them, their experience going to college at FIT, and other stuff. Adri joins in at the end for a discussion about current favorite TV shows and YouTubers.
21:08:34 2019-10-28
Mia introduces the show by talking about her interests for like 8 minutes straight.