Bingeworthy is a podcast about deciding what shows are worthy of wasting your valuable time watching episode after episode of. Each week a group of our expert panelist gather and discuss a show and make this crucial assessment.

23:50:04 2022-06-25
Episodes 1 and 2 – “Pilot” & “A Damned Man” In a first for Bingeworthy, we recorded our podcast live on Twitch with hilarious results. This week we let anyone […]
23:00:21 2022-05-17
Episodes Conan O’Brien Ken Jeong This week, we delve into the creative genius of Will Arnett with the Netflix show Murderville. Ok, well Matt picked a show that Will Arnett […]
22:44:22 2022-04-14
On this very special episode of Bingeworthy, all of our panelists get a chance to present a show, the catch is, it has to be a show that they hate […]
23:21:20 2022-03-29
Season 7: Siege of Mandalore Arc Well, its finally that time. Matt has decided to bring a Star Wars property to Bingeworthy and what better way to start it off […]
22:11:34 2022-02-21
Season 1 Episode 1 – Pilot Season 1 Episode 3 – Dinner Party Mythic Quest is available on Apple TV+ If you like what you hear and want to help […]
22:31:04 2022-02-08
Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood – S3E4 – The Ishvalan War of Extermination Parks and Recreation – S3E13 – The Fight In an unprecedented event that could only happen for the […]
55:05 2022-02-01
S1E1 – Pilot Steve brings us yet another pick out of left field cementing his rain as the king of an unexpected breadth of shows spanning many genres. Tonight the […]
22:11:41 2022-02-01
S1E6 – Infiltrator S1E9 – Bereft While we catch up on updates, we have bonus Season 1 Episodes to share with all you lovely people. Today Night’s choice is the […]
22:12:57 2021-12-15
Season 1 Episode 1 – 2 “Pilot” and “Top Banana” On this action packed episode, Ant tries to fool everyone with a joke about being Ali’s plus one to a […]
53:29 2021-12-01
Season 2 Episode 10 – “This Is Not for Tears” The panel is back with new recording software and banger right off the bat. Ant brings the HBO hit Succession […]