Monē Talks. A podast about lots of stuff with a general cycling bend. Hi value guests. Medium production value and low brow humor.

22:58:11 2022-07-04
Kurt and i talk bikepacking trips, gear, training. We find out he's if you see a white awd chevy express at a trailhead..bring a bottle of wine. Super generous guy with informatoin on all the routes he's created. When i grow up...i wanna be ku...
22:28:47 2022-05-21
Everything Bicycles Pubes. The worlds foremost single speed internet satirist...Buckle up for some really piss and shit style humor...
23:44:24 2022-05-19
Listen and find out how you're not half as hard as she is. Winter tours. AZT x 100. Fixes. Steel toe boots. Everything alexandra does is hard as nails.
22:44:32 2022-05-17
Kirsten has run the brush mountain lodge for 15years. She is divide. Anyone who's ridden there and received a hug, pizza, beer, joint knows how special that place and she is to the to have her perspective on the show.
23:50:53 2022-05-16
I geek out on Jefe's insane bikepacking resume. We talk Grand Western Loop. Loopy Loop, bikes and being a dad.