There is comfort in having friends that have been on the same path you're on. We are those friends! Our names are Jackie and Ben, and we have a daughter (Jordyn) and a son (Hudson.) You might know us from the SUMMER SHIRT PROJECT on Instagram, Facebook, and Tik Tok, and maybe you own one of our shirts. (If so ... THANK YOU!) At age two, Jordyn was diagnosed with autism. We started looking for as much input as we could gather so we could be the best possible parents and advocates for her. Over the past two decades we've learned a lot and we are using this podcast to share those lessons, experiences, and resources. Whether you are new to a diagnosis, been on the journey for many years, or simply want to help make the world a better place for individuals with disabilities, this podcast is for you. When you encounter autism (or any disability), the feelings and questions you have are perfectly normal. It's important to talk about these, and we will address them in this podcast. We'll also share what we've done right, what we've done wrong, and what we wish we did differently. We're going to be here for everyone because we need everyone to make the world a kinder place for individuals with disabilities. Welcome to the BE KIND TO EVERYONE podcast. - Jackie, Ben, Jordyn, and Hudson

00:38:51 2022-06-28
When Jordyn was 13 years old, we discovered that we would soon be welcoming another child into the family. This week we talk about the challenges of having siblings when one is autistic and the other is neurotypical. Plus, we chat with 8 year old Hudson...
00:33:50 2022-06-21
How 40 shirts turned into a life-changing opportunity and career for Jordyn. "We knew we were doing this for Jordyn but we wanted there to be a greater message in it"
00:34:34 2022-06-14
Jordyn was diagnosed with Autism at 24 months old. In this episode we share what the first few years of her diagnosis looked like for us including the day we found out we had a child with autism and the ways we took matters into our own hands to pave the ...
00:27:40 2022-06-07
This episode is all about friendship! We're answering the most asked questions about how Jordyn has made and sustained her friendships and our role as parents supporting those.    Jordyn's friends Izzy and Sarah join the show to have an open discussion...
00:15:42 2022-06-07
If you're new Be Kind to Everyone, start here! In this episode you'll learn about the Summer Shirt project that started it all and what we hope you'll take away from this show.   "Thinking outside the box helped us reframe everything and projected us fro...
00:02:20 2022-04-21
Who we are and what you'll hear on Season One of the Be Kind to Everyone Podcast!