Aymara's Music Poscast

Music from the Andes. Out from the depths of endless valleys, out from the peaks and glaciers of untouched mountains, out from the greenest of rainforests... this is the landscape in which, since time immemorial, the music of the Andes has been forged throughout the course of history. It is a history of tragedy and triumph.

00:03:31 2007-08-26
A charango is a musical instrument to ten cords (five cords doubled pinches) out of nylon resembling a small guitar. Following the arrival of the Spaniards to America, the natives took as a starting point the guitar to create this small instrumen...
00:03:18 2007-04-07
Huajcha Pucuito me llaman todos, porque no tengo padre ni madre, solo, solito había quedado, en este yelmo del altipampa, por eso cuando la luna llega, mi voz doliente elevo al viento, mis tiernas alas agito al aire, en busca de mis perdidos pad...
00:03:38 2007-03-19
The true sikuri of Mañazo as in the Puno's streets, this group is the oldest of the Candelaria's festivity in south of Peru.
00:06:57 2007-02-27
Peruvian carnivals are marked by the festive character of Andean areas, which regularly break with their solemn traditions. Beyond regional variations, a common characteristic of nearly the entire highland chain is the ritual of the yunza, called...
00:03:04 2007-01-06
Heights of Macchu Picchu: I Pablo Neruda From air to air, like an empty net, I went wandering between the streets and the atmosphere, arriving and saying goodbye leaving behind in autumn's advent the coin extended from the leaves, and between S...
00:04:21 2006-09-23
Image Copyright © Martha Noriega This style of music comes from city of Ayacucho in Peru. Ayacucho is the capital city of the Peruvian Province of Huamanga. It is famous for the great quantity of churches that it possesses and for its religious ...
00:03:17 2006-09-17
Tinku is a energetic dance from Bolivia, this dance comes from a form of ritual conflict practiced by local people in modern-day southern Peru and Bolivia. In a local kinship system people are divided to two halves or moieties, which have unequal...
00:04:58 2006-09-10
The Saya is originated from the Yungas in Bolivia, the typical dance danced to is known as Caporales, modern version dance evolve contributions from Bolivia and Peru. This dance is a legacy of the Spanish colony where caporales were Spaniards bo...
00:05:18 2006-09-02
The martial rhythm of the dance of the "Sikuris" originated in the southern highland plain known as the altiplano between Peru and Bolivia. It is danced in large groups, forming troupes who join together in large circles around musicians playing...
00:03:17 2006-08-27
Orchestral version of a old traditional peruvian song.
00:03:54 2006-08-04
Dance from the Eastern lowlands of Bolivia
00:04:53 2006-08-02
Ballad with rythms Andean of Peru.
00:02:31 2006-07-03
Rhythm “lamento” traditional from Peru and Bolivia .
00:04:33 2006-06-25
The "Morenada"
00:04:18 2006-06-23
Song in tribute to the lake Titicaca located in limits between Peru and Bolivia.