Tommy Talks with Griffin Logue - HOT SAUCE CHALLENGE!!!

This week I'm joined by BIG FUNNY MAN Griffin Logue from the Freo Dockers. During our chat we decided to take on some of the worlds hottest sauces and I can confirm I will not be doing this ever again!The interview is a really enjoyable one!Griff gives us an insight into his AFL career and how it evolved from rowing to football during his school days.We touch on what it's like to play on Buddy Franklin and also what it's like having the big fella slot 6 goals on you.Griff gives us an insight into the Ausmerican Aces NFL Fantasy League and how much fun that is... well not so much on the actual fantasy side of things but the banter is solid!Griff is struggling in fantasy incase you didn't understand what I meant ;)All in all its just 2 mates eating chicken strips, trying not to cry due to the excessive amounts of hot sauce being consumed and having a very good laugh about life, football and funny stories outside of those two things.Sit back relax and I hope you enjoy the show.

by Ausmerican Aces Sports Club