Tommy Talks with Freo lads Matt Taberner, Alex Pearce & Caleb Serong

After playing football and spending majority of my off season with Matt Taberner & Alex Pearce overseas, we have a good old fashioned unscripted chat about our memories together.Good or Bad there is a fair bit to uncover. With similar interest in Sport, Music, Travel and good times I think a lot of you Ausmerican Aces will really enjoy this one!We travelled the US & Europe together and let's say things didn't always go smoothly.Matt who goes by the nickname Bart has recently turned himself into a full time Zed Run horse trainer. Starting with a stable of 3 horses Bart now has grown that stable to 16 horses and has the backing of 8 teammates / owners. Bart Taberner has really mastered this Zed Run and goes into extreme detail about his passion for it + gets up a live race and shows us what he can do in 10 minutes!Alex "The Moose" Pearce probably won't enjoy this episode as much as we will after taking the absolute Mickey out of him for majority of our time spent in the US. The Big Moose had some serious issues with the US Plumbing system and believes they need to do something about it ASAP!Caleb Serong pops in to the studio "Matt Taberner's apartment" and chats to us about his AFL GOTY award and talks us through that unbelievable highlight of his earlier in the year against WCE in the Derby! Highlights from the show. NFL Week 2 Recap Almost NFL Bet of the year! US Travel + Funny Stories. US Toilet system. Europe Air BnB hospitality. GOTY with Caleb Serong.How to successfully be late to an AFL team meeting.Zed.Run with Bart Taberner.Sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

by Ausmerican Aces Sports Club