Tommy Talks - Ben Graham

Ben Graham is a former AFL & NFL player.He is the first Australian to ever reach an NFL Super Bowl!Benny played for GFC in the AFL and was recruited by New York Jets where he kicked off his career.His story is incredible!!!The NFL is known for being cut throat! Have 1 bad game and you're back on the streets.It's a next man up attitude from management in this league!Benny touches on his transition from AFL to NFL, the highs and lows of the NFL and some cool stories about NFL Superstars Larry Fitzgerald, Brett Favre & Tom Brady.My favourite part about the show was no doubt Benny talking about 2008 with New York Jets and the adversity he faced throughout this season. This led to the 2009 Super Bowl with the Arizona Cardinals.A genuine YO-YO of a year!Sit back, enjoy the show and I hope you like it.This episode is proudly brought you by:RIXX Eyewear Australian owned, premium eyewearInstagram us:Email – – – -

by Ausmerican Aces Sports Club