What is Sleep Paralysis? AKA ep 98 with Dr Jalal

On ep. 98 of Ask Kati Anything, Dr. Baland Jalal is our guest. He is a neuroscientist at Cambridge University and previously at Harvard University and considered one of the world's leading experts on sleep paralysis. Can you have sleep paralysis in places other than your bed? A member of our community recently felt like she had this happen in a car. What percentage of sleep disturbance is chemical or naturally formed and what percentage is trauma induced?What causes sleep paralysis? How can we get it to stop?Is sleep paralysis more common when you’re young?Why do many experience sleep paralysis most often right as they are falling asleep?How much sleep should someone get every night? 7 or 8 hours?Can SSRI’s or SNRI’s cause sleep paralysis?--------------BooksTraumatized   https://geni.us/Bfak0jAre u ok?  http://bit.ly/2s0mULyOnline TherapyI do not currently offer online therapy.  My sponsor BetterHelp can connect you with a licensed, online counselor, please visit: https://betterhelp.com/katiPatreonHelp support the creation of mental health content? https://www.katimorton.com/kati-morton-patreon/Opinions That Don't Matter! (my afterhours podcast)https://opionstdm.buzzsprout.com/Business ContactLinnea Toney  linnea@underscoretalent.com Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/katimorton) --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/askkatianything/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/askkatianything/support

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