ep48 How can I feel safe in my own skin again?

Ask Kati Anything, questions for episode 481. What IS a crisis? There's a lot of talk about, "If you're in crisis call and reach out and do this or that," but no one ever explains what that means. In light of last week's second question, it seems pertinent to discuss what "crisis" means...2. Hi Kati! My therapist will regularly ask me to rate my anxiety from 1 to 10 but I never know what to say. I feel like I just say random numbers as I don’t really know how I feel. Sometimes I think that saying a high number will make it look like I am not improving but...3. Hi Kati! I hope you are taking care of yourself. How can I feel safe in my own skin again? I’m on high alert all the time, any sudden...4. Hi Kati! If a client were to ask for more frequent sessions, how do you tell the difference between that person really needing more care or having an attachment to their therapist? Or can it be a mixture of both? For context, I am an ACoA (adult child of an alcoholic) with CPTSD from...5. Hi Kati, Does long term emotional numbness ever fully go away? I am 24 years old and I have been pushing down all my feelings and emotions since I was 11 years old, for multiple reasons. I am completely numb. I don't feel anything and when I do feel something I have no idea what it...6. Hi Kati. Could you please explain what exactly counts as physical abuse? For example, I know that unfortunately, it's not uncommon for parents to...7. Hi Kati. I wondered if you could please explain the rules surrounding sexual assault for minors. I know in other videos you've talked about it being the client's choice whether to report it or...8. Hi Kati! What exactly qualifies an experience to be traumatic? Growing up I went to a doctor who made me feel that the pain I had was “fake” telling me not to think about it, and it would go away. Since then I...9. hey Kati, what should someone do if they can't ask for help? For the longest time, I was suffering, and was offered therapy but refused, I couldn't admit that everything that happened was hard for me so I yelled at everyone I...10. Hey Kati, hope you’re well. I was just wondering, is it normal, after working on childhood sexual abuse in therapy and feeling okay for a month, for everything to fall apart again...JOURNALING CLUBEvery Tuesday & Friday Kati posts a journal prompt to help keep you motivated and working on yourself! https://www.youtube.com/katimorton/join Ordering Kati's book Are u ok? http://bit.ly/2s0mULyKati's Amazon Suggestions:https://www.amazon.com/shop/katimortonONLINE THERAPYI do not currently offer online therapy.  BetterHelp can connect you with a licensed, online counselor, please visit: https://tryonlinetherapy.com/katimorton I receive commissions on referrals to BetterHelp. I only recommend services I know and trust.PATREONDo you want to help me support the creation of mental health videos? https://www.katimorton.com/kati-morton-patreon/Opinions That Don't Matter! (2nd podcast)video: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCs58xfxPpjVARRuwjH8usfwaudio: https://opionstdm.buzzsprout.com/BUSINESS EMAILlinnea@toneymedia.com MAILPO Box #665 1223 Wilshire Blvd. Santa Monica, CA 90403PLEASE READIf you or someone you know is in immediate danger, please call a local emergency telephone number or go immediately t

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