Rooster Teeth started almost 20 years ago and two of its creators want to get together every week to talk about their journeys, reminisce, and lament the Austin Texas that used to be. Gustavo Sorola & Geoff Ramsey, two of the masterminds behind hits like Red vs Blue & Achievement Hunter, monetize their conversations for your benefit.

00:53:17 2022-05-16
Good morning, Gus. After getting rained out (despite what Gus thinks), the gang is in studio this week with some Hank's Coffee to talk about going to the UK, Community meetup memories, Geoff's draft papers, and first jobs in Austin.
00:53:41 2022-05-09
Welcome to ANMA, the podcast about Austin, TX and what it used to be through the eyes of 2 guys who have been here for a long time. They also started a company here called Rooster Teeth. Gus & Geoff talk about the old Mueller airport, Halcyon Coffee, and ...
00:01:14 2022-04-26
Gustavo Sorola & Geoff Ramsey get together once a week over a cup of coffee to talk about how they got to where they are and reminisce. Sometimes guests, sometimes not, always talking about that place that closed down that used to be where that new thing ...