Lesson 7 - Getting Around

Let's say you want to fly out of JFK to Scheremetyevo airport in Moscow, then take the train to Vladivostok, stopping to drive through the countryside both by car and by horseback. Or maybe you enjoy boat cruises and would love to go down the Volga river! In trying to put all of this into words, you realize that you need to use some new expressions. Here are some examples:Exercise 7.11. Туристы летают в Мексико-Сити из Нью-Йорка _________________________ .Tourists travel from New York to Mexico City (by plane).2. Люди ездят на работу _______________________ в Атланте.People go to work in Atlanta (by bus).3. Поездка в Европу _____________________ 3 месяца.The journey to Europe (by boat) is 3 months long.4. Мы ходим _____________________ к бабушке.We walk (by foot) to Grandma's house.5. Я поеду к врачу ____________________ завтра.I will drive (by car) to the doctor's office tomorrow.6. Они катались со спуска горы ____________________ .They went down the side of the mountain by (on skis).Exercise 7.21. Дорога идет ________________ берега.The road goes (alongside) the shoreline.2. Где находится магазин? Он ___________________ .Where is the store located? It's (around the corner).3. Кафе _______________ с метро.The cafe is (next to) the subway.4. Я вас видел вчера. ______________ вы шли?I saw you yesterday. (Where) were you going?5. Никак не мог найти мою ручку. ________ она?I can't find my pen. (Where) is it?Exercise 7.3 (fill in the blanks by translating the words in brackets)1. Your roommate leaves for a weekend retreat in the mountains, and you say (see you soon):___________________________2. After you have dropped your kids off at the grandparents' house, you tell them (see you later):___________________________________3. Your late afternoon meeting began at 3:30, but you arrive (late) at 3:45: ______________4. You hope that you find those keys (soon): _____________________5. The concert started at 8 p.m. and you arrived exactly at 8 p.m. You were (on time): ____________________6. You check your e-mail (every day):________________________Numbers 11-2011одиннадцатьadeenatsat'12двенадцатьdvyenatsat'13тринадцатьtreenatsat'14четырнадцатьcheytirnatsat'15пятнадцатьpyatnatsat'16шестнадцатьshyesnatsat'17семнадцатьsyemnatsat'18восемнадцатьvasyemnatsat'19девятнадцатьdyevyatnatsat'20двадцатьdvatsat'(end consonants with an apostrophe (') after it is 'soft' )Final words: That concludes our lesson 7. I have all the material we've covered today on spoonfulofrussian.com Don't forget to do the excersizes - we'll check them next time we meet.Oh, and here are the lyrics of the song (you can always view them on your iPod...as you are listening to this lesson, click 3 times)Черный котМузыка Ю.Саульского. Слова М.ТаничаЖил да был черный кот за углом,И кота ненавидел весь дом.Только песня совсем не о том,Как не ладили люди с котом.Припев:Говорят, не повезет,Если черный кот дорогу перейдет,А пока - наоборот:Только черному коту и не везет.Целый день во дворе суета:Прогоняют с дороги кота,Только песня совсем не о том,Как охотился двор за котом.Даже с кошкой своей за верстуПриходилось встречаться коту,Только песня совсем не о том,Как мурлыкала кошка с котом.Бедный кот от усов до хвостаБыл черней, чем сама чернота,Да и песенка, в общем, о том,Как обидно быть черным котом.

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