Lesson 12 - Happy Birthday!

Topic - Birthday Greetings• ❑1 introДобрый день, друзья! (Hello, friends!)Как дела? (How are you?)Надеюсь, что у вас все хорошо. (Hope you are doing well.)Thank you for keeping up with this podcast even though I do not produce them as often as I'd like to. I am excited to get e-mails and comments on the spoonfulofrussian.com site. Your enthusiasm is contageous! For those who asked about the condition of our house, we just sold our restored home and are planning on moving to Charlotte, North Carolina, right after our trip to Russia in August. I can hardly wait!• ❑2 Happy Birthday!It's lesson 12 (двенадцатый урок). Tomorrow we'll be celebrating my youngest daughter's 6th birthday. I taught my daughters to say a few birthday greetings in Russian. Let me share them with you.So, How do you say 'Happy Birthday' in Russian? Эмили: "I know." It's "С Днем Рождения".That's right, Emily. "С Днем Рождения" means 'Happy Birthday' . So, what are you going to say to your sister tomorrow?Эмили: 'С Днем Рождения, Джулия". To which Julia will probably reply "Спасибо, Емили".Then Russians usually wish health, happiness and longevity to the birthday person among other things. The phraze 'I wish you' will be 'Я желаю тебе...' (informal, to be used addressing friends, family, children) or ' Я желаю Вам'... (formal, to be used addressing older people, people you are not very close to, or just to show respect). Can you say 'Я желаю тебе...' 'Я желаю Вам...'?Good. Let us wish Julia health. 'Я желаю тебе здоровья'. Emily: 'Я желаю тебе здоровья'.Now, let's wish her happiness. 'Я желаю тебе счастья'. Emily: 'Я желаю тебе счастья'.Let's also wish her long life - долгих лет жизни. 'Я желаю тебе долгих лет жизни.' Emily: 'Я желаю тебе долгих лет жизни.'Молодец, Эми. What would I do without you? ('Что бы я без тебя делала?')Emily: 'Пожалуйста, мама.'Alright! Now you know what to say next time you are invited to a Russian birthday party. And if any of my listeners happen to celebrate their birthday today, we are saying 'С Днем Рождения' to you! Here are the phrases again:• ❑3 songFor the musical part of today's podcast I chose a song from a Russian cartoon "Cheboorashka". The character that sings this song is happy on a very dreary day. It's his birthday! The people passing by cannot understand why he's so happy. The singer also regrets that birthdays only come once a year. " Чебурашка и Крокодил Гена"День рожденияПусть бегут неуклюжеПешеходы по лужам,А вода по асфальту рекой.И не ясно прохожимВ этот день непогожий,Отчего я веселый такой.А я играю на гармошкеУ прохожих на виду.К сожаленью, день рожденьяТолько раз в году.Прилетит вдруг волшебникВ голубом вертолете,И бесплатно покажет кино.С днем рождения поздравитИ конечно, подаритМне в подарок пятьсот "эскимо".I even mada a video tutorial for you. Enjoy! • ❑4 closingI hope you enjoyed the song and learned something new today. As always, e-mail me if you have any comments or questions. My e-mail address is speakrussian at mac dot com. You can also leave your comments on this website. До свидания и всего хорошего! ('Good bye and all the best')!

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