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Scientific American reporter Dina Fine Maron gives a weekly one-minute report on the latest health and medical news. To view all of our archived podcasts please go to www.scientificamerican.com/podcast

21:01:56 2015-02-25
The common food additives altered mice microbiomes to encourage gut inflammation and overeating. Dina Fine Maron reports  
21:01:40 2015-02-17
Although clinical guidelines assume just two years for hot flashes and night sweats, a large study finds a median symptom duration of more than three times that length. Dina Fine Maron reports   
21:01:40 2015-02-12
High-tech pedometers do a decent job of counting steps accurately. Dina Fine Maron reports.
21:01:42 2015-01-30
Some 42 percent of U.S. adults who drink have been prescribed a drug that may interact negatively with alcohol. Dina Fine Maron reports
21:01:37 2015-01-20
Strains of the lab workhorse roundworm C. elegans that lived longer added more time being frail and had the same portion of their lives being healthy as normal worms. The work has implications for life-extension ideas such as caloric restriction. Dina Fin...
21:01:41 2015-01-13
Researchers tracked 70,000 for decades to find lifestyle clues for better cardiovascular condition. Dina Fine Maron reports
21:01:33 2014-12-23
Volunteers who read from an iPad before bed took longer to fall asleep and had less restful nights than when they read from a printed book. Dina Fine Maron reports.  
21:01:43 2014-12-16
Nonpasteurized milk is fueling more outbreaks and hospitalizations. Dina Fine Maron reports
21:01:32 2014-12-09
Careful tracking of more than 50,000 women during the six weeks after the procedure finds that serious adverse effects are rare. Dina Fine Maron reports  
21:01:34 2014-12-04
People with type 2 diabetes in middle age had greater cognitive impairment in the following decades than did their nondiabetic counterparts. Dina Fine Maron reports  
21:01:36 2014-11-25
The World Health Organization issues a new report on the neglected public health issue of drowning
21:01:33 2014-11-20
A 10-second makeout session can also transfer some 80 million oral bacteria. Dina Fine Maron reports
21:01:34 2014-11-12
A first-of-its-kind study finds it’s possible to analyze snake DNA left in a bite victim’s wound to identify the species—and thus the correct antivenom. Dina Fine Maron reports  
21:02:08 2014-10-31
Diagnostics, vaccines and new drugs could vastly improve the way future Ebola outbreaks manifest in Africa, according to emerging infectious disease expert Jeremy Farrar. Steve Mirsky reports  
21:01:09 2014-10-24
Should Ebola continue to crop up in the U.S., having fewer people coming to emergency rooms with the similar symptoms of flu will help the public health system respond. Steve Mirsky reports  
21:01:28 2014-10-09
Physically active children are healthier and score better on intellectual tests than their sedentary peers. Dina Fine Maron reports
21:01:25 2014-10-01
In a bid to boost fitness, new park benches in Moscow will let sitters see their weight and receive health tips. Dina Fine Maron reports  
21:01:19 2014-09-24
A study in mice suggests that chemical changes that occur during dry roasting may increase the odds of an allergic reaction. Dina Fine Maron reports  
21:01:31 2014-09-16
A new study reveals that bacteria associated with staph infections can hitch a ride in workers’ noses. Dina Fine Maron reports
21:01:31 2014-08-26
Sisters spend double the time caring for parents as their brothers. Dina Fine Maron reports
21:01:28 2014-08-20
In Chicago monitoring Twitter for reports of food poisoning led to 133 restaurant inspections for health violations, with 21 establishments shut down. Dina Fine Maron reports  
21:01:40 2014-08-12
Patients in low-income zip codes were up to 10 times more likely to lose a leg or foot than diabetic patients in more affluent zip codes. Dina Fine Maron reports
21:01:20 2014-07-31
An analysis of 130,000 runners in events during a seven-year span revealed that competitors were 10 times more likely to experience heat stroke than serious cardiac problems. Dina Fine Maron reports
21:01:16 2014-07-25
When refilled prescriptions for post–heart attack care resulted in the same medication looking different in shape or color, patients were significantly more likely to stop taking their meds. Dina Fine Maron reports  
21:01:34 2014-07-14
Headbanging can cause pain or even whiplash. But a 50-year-old Motörhead fan developed a more serious condition, bleeding in the brain that required surgical repair, after headbanging at a concert. Dina Fine Maron reports  
21:01:28 2014-07-01
The ReWalk exoskeleton allows some people paralyzed from the waist down to walk again, with the aid of crutches. Dina Fine Maron reports  
21:01:17 2014-06-24
Mice regularly exposed to UV light produced feel-good endorphins and behaved like addicts. If humans do, too, it could explain why we seek sun, despite damage. Dina Fine Maron reports  
21:01:18 2014-06-17
A helmet placed on the head of a stroke victim sends low-intensity microwaves through the brain to quickly determine whether a blockage or hemorrhage is taking place, making faster treatment possible. Wayt Gibbs reports  
21:01:27 2014-06-11
Researchers who compared peer-reviewed articles to the Wikipedia pages for the 10 most costly medical conditions in the U.S. discovered incorrect information on nine out of 10 pages. Dina Fine Maron reports  
21:01:33 2014-06-04
Compared with 50 years ago, today's heroin user is whiter, more suburban and had prescription opioids for a gateway. Dina Fine Maron reports  
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