50 shades of Grey- Well Read Yet Ill Fed

00:51:10 2015-06-13
Sorry for the delay but here is our latest commentary on chapters from 50 Shades of Grey!
01:00:50 2015-04-29
Eni and I have a special guest join us to bring a male perspective to our discussion of chapters 16-20!!
00:59:41 2015-04-12
Eni and I empathize with Ana while discussing chapters 12-15
00:46:42 2015-03-25
Explore the pages of 50 Shades of Grey with me and Eni in this episode as we cover chapters 8-11 from the book!
00:46:42 2015-03-18
Eni and I go over chapters 4-7 of 50 shades
00:50:51 2015-03-11
Join Eni and myself as we read 50 shades of Grey for the first time and hear firsthand our reactions, opinions, and whatever else comes out of our mouths! ...