Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood

Once Upon A Time... (wait for it) in Hollywood is the latest film by one of today's most admired and influential directors, Quentin Tarantino. Bryan and Eliza talk Tarantino's approach to filmmaking, especially his almost cartoonish violence and stylish dialogue (Eliza's not a fan of the blood, but she does like Kill Bill.) They wonder if movies are diminished by drawing heavily on nostalgia, relatability, or references to create an emotional effect. After so much more, they chat the real life history of the Manson family murders and how Tarantino handled Bruce Lee's and Sharon Tate's legacies differently, before finishing off with a lovely discussion about feet. If you need to hitchhike across LA, let us know at 2hoursperhour@gmail.com If you'd like to support 2 Hours Per Hour on Patreon, we will fully love you forever.